Identify & reward influential visitors

VenueMachine is a new way for venue managers to identify influential visitors and turn them into patrons.
View who's checking-in to your venue in real-time & get notified via SMS if a particularly influential person shows up.

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How it works

VenueMachine monitors and reports on influential patrons checking into your venue in real-time.

As soon as someone enters your venue with a klout score over a threshold which you define, you get an SMS!

Why you should use it

Nowadays, you don't have to be a celebrity to be influential; VenueMachine helps you engage with influential people that come to your venue.

By ensuring that these people are well treated, you maximise the chances of them spreading the word and building awareness for you.


VenueMachine was built for the foursquare global hackathon in under 30 hours by two chill guys (twitter handles at the bottom).

Building this application in the timeframe allotted would not have been possible without foursquare, Klout, Twitter, Twillio, Pusher, Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone.js and Heroku